Messenger Molding is here to help your designs become reality. Let us know if you have an additional questions here.

What kind of equipment do you have?

Our 15-450 ton machines (some with robotic arms) deliver small and medium-sized parts, and have the capability of delivering extremely high-quality, tight tolerance molds suitable for a variety of industries.

How tight of tolerances can we accommodate?

Our mold making equipment and tools have been put to the test! We have created production molds that required 3 million shot life spans, but easily exceeded these goals by achieving 10 million shot life spans. This, with little to no maintenance cost to our customers.

We deliver the part tolerances you need. If you require a 1/1000 of an inch tolerance (.001” or 0.0254 mm), we will deliver it—you can count on it.

What kinds of materials do we handle?

We have worked with all kinds of plastic resins, from the full spectrum of standard, traditional resins and plastics, to the non-traditional and engineered resins. If you have a particular material you would like to work with, we can work with you. If you aren’t sure, our team can help you decide.

Is it okay if your design is drawn by hand?

We have worked with all levels of drawings—from the napkin sketch to 2D or 3D prints. Bring your design to us and we’ll bring it to life for you

Need design validation?

Go to a quick-turn molder to validate your design, then come to us to get the highest quality production

Need products every week?

If you want consistent product delivered every week, choosing an American molder and manufacturer is your best option and the best bang for the buck

Not sure of what type of mold to design?

Messenger NEVER machines directly into the mold base—it becomes very costly if you need to fine-tune your design or specifications. Come to us to guarantee that your end product meets your specifications

How do we keep our costs so low?

With Messenger you get a “real-world” estimation of what you will be paying for your parts. Unless you are getting the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) from offshore manufacturers, you could be in for a big surprise when it comes to the final cost analysis

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